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Cedar River Cellars Desitnation Winery - Renton, WA.
Cedar River Cellars Patio with people enjoying wine and conversation on a sunny day.
Inside Cedar River Cellars Tasting Room with people enjoying wine and conversation.
Cedar River Cellars Picnic Area is a large park-like space with green grass and tall old growth cedar trees.  A couple are playing the game cornhole.
Cedar River Cellars Logo is a copper colored concentric ring like a cedar tree with a prominent 'C' in the center and a wave like tailing of the most outter ring.

We make Northwest style wine

We strive to only use products and vendors from the Pacific Northwest, thus keeping our local economy strong.

Your neighborhood winery

Cedar River Cellars is an award winning winery with a sense of place. We chose our winery name due to our proximity to the river in Renton, WA. We wanted to have a name that is recognizable by people local to our community.

We chose Cedar River Cellars for our winery name due to our winery proximity to the river in Renton, WA. We wanted to have a name that is recognizable by people who live or grew up near by, floated down in the Summer, or fished the Cedar River. Here in the Puget Sound region we get our drinking water from the Cedar River Watershed. It has beneficial and ecological significances with regards to its salmon fisheries as well.

To fully experience Northwest-style wines, we invite you to encounter them in a tranquil and natural environment, among old-growth cedars at our charming, intimate park-like tasting venue.

A rejuvenating retreat is just a bottle-opener and a few minutes away from Sea-Tac airport or downtown Seattle. Come and picnic with the whole family, enjoy a tasting, and get the complete hometown winery experience.

Classically Trained

Our winemaker, Micah Nasarow, has a B.S. in Food Science and Technology - Oregon State University '95

He focused on sensory science, fermentation, and chemistry

Micah also worked in culinary, food processing, beer brewing industry, and Sensory R&D for the largest coffee company in the world

We Love Fermentation

Our winemaker started fermenting sugars to ethanol over 29 years ago, making his first 5 gallon batch of beer in 1990

As Brewery QA Manager, Micah was in charge of fermentation, yeast management, and quality of a 15,000 bbl a year brewery

We believe that yeast, nutrients, and temperature is the number one critical control point in making great wine

Our Mission

Cedar River Cellars' mission is to produce refreshing, meticulously-crafted, and sensorially pleasing wines from Washington State vinifera.

Using quality winemaking techniques and good manufacturing practices, our wines will mature and naturally settle, thus reducing the need of excessive clarifying additives or filtering.

Why drink our wines?

  • We are local
  • We are different
  • We are artisanal
  • We are proud of our product...duh
  • And our wines are refreshingly good

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